Transparent cuts

The thin ground section series consists of two working groups:

1. Grid cuts
A series of stone plates are mounted on aluminium bearer and the upper layers are milled with grid cuts down to a final thickness of approx. 3 mm. The grinding process generates the surface reliefs near to the zero point. After this preliminary “Transparencies” generating stage, consideration is given to the thinness of the lamination in relation to the bearer and to the effect of light refraction on the surface of the grid cut.

2. Transparencies
Stone plates are also mounted on float glass and acrylic glass bearer and the upper layers are milled. Afterwards the lamination thickness is reduced to the zero point in a precisely regulated grinding process. As the stone loses density it becomes increasingly transparent. In this field a visible and tactile change from compactness to transparency takes place in the material.

© 2008 by Uwe Jonas