Church of the Ascension, Munich

„La petite église” is a combination of site specific works and wall drawings by Uwe Jonas for the Sendlinger Church of the Ascension. Made from dark blue Rauriser marble, the “Star”, “Wall” and “Cone” exhibits symbolize ambivalence in both message and material. The milled and cut marble dressed in the shape of paving-stones, is released from the constricting image of impervious, uniform compactness which customarily defines stone. By looking more carefully, the anonymous severity looses ground. Subtle grained, every stone is unique and unmistakeable. All stones form new, bright effects. Immoveable walls in hearts and minds change into a bulwark, into a symbol of standing firmly together, which allows space for development, breaking down barriers without compromising the identity and conscience of the individual.

Extract from the catalogue text "La petite église" written by Susanne Breit-Keßler, Female Bishop of Munich