Kunstverein Friedberg

Uwe Jonas’ at once sculptural and laminar objects of cut and fractured, irregular, square marble stones in basic grey tint are the fundamental form of the structure. The square and circle configure the composition of the internal space. Looked at as a complex whole we perceive the fluid motion three dimensionality of the external form. In many works further levels are juxtaposed. Steel frames fix the pieces in stasis while visually communicating with the other discrete pieces within the overall unit i.e., the frames, stones and negative spaces are engaged in a communication which binds them together as one discrete whole. The language of this dialogue is therefore at once gravity and weightlessness. In enmeshing the surrounding space with its aesthetic dynamics the work becomes a part of the external space and vice versa. Thus we touch the essential peculiarity of these works of multi-dimensional space.

Extract from the catalogue text "The Visual and the Imagination" written by Dr.phil Ingeborg Wiegand-Uhl